Fondinox S.p.A. is a completely privately owned  Company that has been managed and in the same ownership since it was formed in 1966. Initially the Company  specialized in the production of forging ingots in austenitic and ferritic stainless steels.

Through the installation in 1972 of the first two medium frequency induction furnaces, Fondinox decided to specialize in foundry activity, and production of cast nickel base alloys was initiated. In the early Eighties, the Company began to supply cast valves for offshore and oil & gas markets, and has been one of the first European foundries to reach relative qualifications. Metallurgy has been widened on duplexsuperduplex and superaustenitic range of alloys, also through exclusive production licence agreements with the Swedish Companies Avesta Jernverk AB and Sandvik Steels AB. Sand castings production has been coupled with the production of centrifugal castings, with extension of reference markets.



Our Mission is to act as a leader supplier of Quality castings through:

  • research of a continuous and high Customer Satisfaction
  • continuous improvement of our production processes, enhancing the technological level and the technical content of our products and aiming to the optimization of our results in terms of quality performances
  • increase of research activity on brand new alloys and continuous research and optimization of properties of traditionally produced alloys
  • technical support to our customers, who could identify us not only as a supplier but first of all as a reliable and highly qualified partner.


Since its foundation, Fondinox S.p.A. has respected the environment; for that reason our staff are working to continuously maintain and implement environmental standards established by A.I.A. (I.P.P.C.) and organizes training and courses about Work Health and Safety.

Use inside the foundry of ecological and low emissions binders, together with pollution suction systems and filters ensure the best protection to the environment and the workforce.

In order to guarantee the highest safety level and avoid contaminations, radiometric checks on incoming and outcoming material are performed.

The Company has  voluntarily elected an internal Energy Manager for energy efficiency, with the aim of reducing energy waste and improve the efficiency of plants and processes.